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Phlax subulata (Moss Phlox, Creeping phlox)

Phlax subulata

Botanical Name:    Phlax subulata

Common Name(s):    Moss Phlox, Creeping phlox

Family:    Polemoniaceae

Genus:    Phlax

Species:    Subulata

Plant Type:    Perennials

Height:    3-6 in. (8-15 cm)

Spread:    12-36 in.(30-91 cm)

Bloom Time:    March to May

Bloom Color(s):    Rose, Blue, White, or Pink

Leaves:    Green

Range:    Eastern and central USA


Phlox subulata (Creeping phlox, Moss Phlox) is a species of flowering plant in the polemoniaceae family. It is native to Eastern and central USA. It is a perennial plant that grows to 3-6 in. (8-15 cm) tall and 12-36 in.(30-91 cm) wide. It in flower from March to May. The flower are red, pink, purple, white and blue, fragrant, tubular, each flower has five petals. The leaves are green, linear to awl-shaped. Grown in average, well-drained soil and full sun, and tolerates drought and sandy, gravelly, rocky, and low-fertility soils. Hardiness zones: USDA zone 3 to 9. Phlox subulata can be used in rock gardens, beds and Borders, container, ground covers.

How to Grow

Sun:    Full sun

Water:    Medium

Soil:    Dry, sandy or rocky, Well-drained soil

Propagation:    Seed, Cuttings